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True Blood Season 5, Episode 4

2 Jul

Finally the time has come the new episode of True Blood has come and gone. The episode started off with Pam saving Tera. It seems as though Tera wants to punch out early so Pam as her maker dives in and save her. After Pam commands her to stop burning herself she convinces Tera to get with it. Sooki seems to find herself in a position with everyone because she seems to be the root cause of everything that goes wrong…which she kinda is.  The Authority is making a way into the scene in a very bnig way but to me it all seems way to theatrical. I am intreged to see what is going to pan out from this story line with the authority.

Sooki also is trying to confess to everyone to make things right. What she doesnt know is that Alceed and Jessica gots her back lol. Tera is turning out to be a Sooki hater. I know that she is sort of bitter but damn! Eric is being mean to Pam  for some reason that I do not understand. She finally tells him to release her if he doesnt care for her….thats right girl! Tell him! Bill is showing his season 1 side a bit with Tera as he gives her some true blood and comforting words.

As for Lafyette…what did he do to her car? That to me was pretty random but I guess they did that to show off his new power. Alceed told Debbies parents a lie to ease their hearts and to save Sooki’s hindend. Now about this Iraq story line its a it much for me. I like true blood because the supernatural aspect of it. The Iraq storyline kinda bores me. But eh maybe it will all come together.

In an emotional commentary Eric actually does release Pam but that frees her to take on the role of Tera maker. Tera and Pam actually bond for the first time as Maker and makee?? A new story line opens up as the fairies make their way back into the picture. This is where Jason finds out some disturbing news about his past from his big mouth cousin.

Back to the authority…they finally find out who the mole is and they experience the true death so it does exist and its AWESOME! The show ends with Eric and Bill watching Sooki and Alceed rolling around in the sheets. Also with the fairies shining their light thingys at Jason…

All in all it was a good episode. It served its purpose to get me to watch again next week which I would have done even if it sucked. Ill be doing these every week so if your into true blood follow my blog post!