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True Blood and the BET Awards tonight!

1 Jul

Ok, so as we speak I am supposed to be doing homework when a news flash ran across my brain. My favorite show true blood comes on tonight! I love this show and will be blogging about it some during and after the show. The BET awards also come on tonight so I will be doing some coverage on that also….something is going to have to go to the DVR jussayin….

Ive never really liked the BET awards and mainly because of the host they sort of get on my nerves but non-the-less I will be watching…sort of. I have not seen who is going to be performing but I do know that Samuel L. Jackson will be hosting (hey my dad went to school with that guy!) and he is sure to get on my nerves as the past host have lol.

True blood on the other hand should please tonight as I looked at the past two episodes as “fillers” to a really good episode. I guess we will see. I know that Tera is actually talking now so we will see how she reacts to becoming a vampire (which would be so cool, well to me anyways). I am also wanting to see what sooki is going to do this episode. She feels so bad about having to turn her BFF Tera but it was the only way for her to live…now forever. True blood is sure to please tonight! TBC…