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Love and Hip Hop Season 1 Episode 3

3 Jul

Love and Hip Hop had its usual theatrics as expected. The episode started off with Joslyn telling Stevie J that she was pregnant by him. The problem that I have with all of this is that when they started this show like 3 weeks ago Stevie J’s girlfriend/babymama didn’t know anything about Joslyn. Also when the story line with Stevie J and Joslyn come onto the screen it seems very scripted. What I mean that all of it seems to be written or preplanned. Now I know what you all are thinking…its a reality show its not really reality. But I must beg to differ when I started watching reality shows I used it as an escape to another place where I can live my life vicariously through the characters. This show just seems so damn scripted it makes me angry!

The next part was about Lil Scrappy and his babymamma. Normally the parts with her in it seem a bit more personal and real. But on this episode the flowers and candles seemed…set up…i guess. There was another part where Stevie J called her a bitch and she is going to tell Scrappy so we will see how that unfolds.

The last thing I want to talk about is K Michelle. Who is she? I have personally never heard of her but others around me have. What songs do she sing? She sang a ballad which to me sounded like a old church hymn…just sayin. But she does have some pipes on her.

So what did yall think about the episode? Let me know in the comments below!