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True Blood Season 5 Episode 5…kinda

9 Jul

Hi folks! Its time for my true blood season 5 episode 5 blog post! I have been watching true blood since the beginning and they sure know how to capture an audience. I will be blogging this real time so excuse me if I jump from one thing to the next…andddd lets go! Lafayette is trippin for real. He saw that demon he got from Jesus in the mirror and then went all stupid. Oh yea here we go with this Iraq story line again. I guess it will play out later on in the season. We then see a flash back of Sookie and Jason  and their mom and dad but typical true blood style intervened and we saw some blood spewing out of dads neck.

I guess that is Jasons fear watching someone he loves being killed by vampires. Andy sure has been butt naked alot this season I guess they have to let everybody get a shot at being naked. Bill and Eric put a stop to that Sookie/Alceed bang session. But I think Sookie is going coo-coo lol. Now we are back to the strip club Fangtasia. Terra and Pam is here and Terra has a fresh hairdo which actually works for her. I got so tired of her F’ed up hair season 1-4 now its time for her to be all glammed up. We find out here that a female from the authority is actually the one who released Russel. True Blood is making it seem like it was Nora but I believe that it is someone else. I finally figured out what was going on with this Iraq story line. Terra and Jessica is going to be in an epic battle over hoyte. Ok Ok I have to pause this blog for a sec…so I was just getting into the episode and It just stopped.

This episode just stopped in its tracks about 10 minutes early tonight and they showed a sneak preview of next weeks episode with some commentary from the cast. I hope they do not make a habit of this because 10 minutes is a long time to cut from each episode. I did like the commentary but it seems like I was left lacking and was a bit disappointed…Oh well I guess we will have to wait until next week so see what happends! Thanks for reading guys and gals…So what did you think about the episode ending so early? Send me a comment below!