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Learn how to let things go

9 Nov

I did a short video today talking about how to let things go

that happen in your life so I would like to start by telling a story. My mother recently had a break in at her residence and the perpetrators got away with over $4,000 worth of merchandise. This was very up setting to her as the one thing that my mother loves to do is go home and watch her tv. They took that from her…

When I went to my mothers house her spirit was way down and she was in the dumps. My message to her and to you all is that if someone steals “stuff” from you then look at it as a learning experience. I am a firm believer in things happening for a reason. I also look at the “stuff” as physical things that can be repurchased. We as people need to learn

How To Let Things Go

Learn the difference between the things you should worry about and the things you shouldn’t. There are just some things that will always be out of your control, no matter what you do. Learning to accept this and not try to control everything will help ease your stress.

This is my challenge for you today….Think about one thing that has been bothering you or festering in your soul. Think about how much of the day you think about it and the mood that it puts you in. If it is a person ask yourself why you are allowing that person to live rent free in your head. Think about it….Ill give you time…. Now let it go! I promise you that you will feel soooo free when you shake that devil off. When you actually think about it those things that should really be left alone but are allowed to fester in one’s mind is the reason that so many people are depressed.  Here is the video that I shot on

How to let things go