Love and Hip Hop Season 1 Episode 3

3 Jul

Love and Hip Hop had its usual theatrics as expected. The episode started off with Joslyn telling Stevie J that she was pregnant by him. The problem that I have with all of this is that when they started this show like 3 weeks ago Stevie J’s girlfriend/babymama didn’t know anything about Joslyn. Also when the story line with Stevie J and Joslyn come onto the screen it seems very scripted. What I mean that all of it seems to be written or preplanned. Now I know what you all are thinking…its a reality show its not really reality. But I must beg to differ when I started watching reality shows I used it as an escape to another place where I can live my life vicariously through the characters. This show just seems so damn scripted it makes me angry!

The next part was about Lil Scrappy and his babymamma. Normally the parts with her in it seem a bit more personal and real. But on this episode the flowers and candles seemed…set up…i guess. There was another part where Stevie J called her a bitch and she is going to tell Scrappy so we will see how that unfolds.

The last thing I want to talk about is K Michelle. Who is she? I have personally never heard of her but others around me have. What songs do she sing? She sang a ballad which to me sounded like a old church hymn…just sayin. But she does have some pipes on her.

So what did yall think about the episode? Let me know in the comments below!



True Blood Season 5, Episode 4

2 Jul

Finally the time has come the new episode of True Blood has come and gone. The episode started off with Pam saving Tera. It seems as though Tera wants to punch out early so Pam as her maker dives in and save her. After Pam commands her to stop burning herself she convinces Tera to get with it. Sooki seems to find herself in a position with everyone because she seems to be the root cause of everything that goes wrong…which she kinda is.  The Authority is making a way into the scene in a very bnig way but to me it all seems way to theatrical. I am intreged to see what is going to pan out from this story line with the authority.

Sooki also is trying to confess to everyone to make things right. What she doesnt know is that Alceed and Jessica gots her back lol. Tera is turning out to be a Sooki hater. I know that she is sort of bitter but damn! Eric is being mean to Pam  for some reason that I do not understand. She finally tells him to release her if he doesnt care for her….thats right girl! Tell him! Bill is showing his season 1 side a bit with Tera as he gives her some true blood and comforting words.

As for Lafyette…what did he do to her car? That to me was pretty random but I guess they did that to show off his new power. Alceed told Debbies parents a lie to ease their hearts and to save Sooki’s hindend. Now about this Iraq story line its a it much for me. I like true blood because the supernatural aspect of it. The Iraq storyline kinda bores me. But eh maybe it will all come together.

In an emotional commentary Eric actually does release Pam but that frees her to take on the role of Tera maker. Tera and Pam actually bond for the first time as Maker and makee?? A new story line opens up as the fairies make their way back into the picture. This is where Jason finds out some disturbing news about his past from his big mouth cousin.

Back to the authority…they finally find out who the mole is and they experience the true death so it does exist and its AWESOME! The show ends with Eric and Bill watching Sooki and Alceed rolling around in the sheets. Also with the fairies shining their light thingys at Jason…

All in all it was a good episode. It served its purpose to get me to watch again next week which I would have done even if it sucked. Ill be doing these every week so if your into true blood follow my blog post!


Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits Sprint Stores Today

2 Jul

Samsung Galaxy S3 Hits Sprint Stores Today – This is the phone i will be getting in the next few days. When i get it i will be doing a full unboxing and review.

Willow Smith-I am me video

1 Jul

So did everyone see Willow Smiths I am me video that just happend on BET. If you didnt you didnt miss much visually. It seemed to  be a low budget video set to an alright song. I did however like the message saying that I am me no matter what you think. Lets first say that Willow Smith is different and i think it works for her. So what  did you all think??


The Sims 3 Supernatural

1 Jul


Ok so the moment many of you have been waiting for…A NEW SIMS 3 EXPANSION PACK!! Wait, wait, wait what is this?? Well Im going to tell you that this is very unexpected for me. I do like that it is a bit different that any past expansion pack that I have had the pleasure of owning. Now I will admit that I did not get all of the Sims 2 expansions but I got most of them. I will say that this Sims 3 expansion pack really intrigues me.

I like to play the Sims as if it were real life but there are times that I add some unrealistic aspects to it. Well this is the expansion pack to change how I sim. This expansion pack adds everything from fairies to werewolves to zombies. It will take a while to get used to these new life states but I will adjust accordingly.

Lets talk first about the fairies…


The fairies look really cool. They have really pretty wings and can be edited and created in CAS.

The warewolves…


These warewolves will also be able to be created in CAS. There will be some new sliders for the warewolves in CAS as well.

The Zombies…


The zombies…hummm…can we say zombie apocalypse (or too many bath salts)???

There will also be some changes to the vampires and will be witches and Manwitches (lol Manwitch)

Let me know what you all think of the Sims 3 Supernatural!!

True Blood and the BET Awards tonight!

1 Jul

Ok, so as we speak I am supposed to be doing homework when a news flash ran across my brain. My favorite show true blood comes on tonight! I love this show and will be blogging about it some during and after the show. The BET awards also come on tonight so I will be doing some coverage on that also….something is going to have to go to the DVR jussayin….

Ive never really liked the BET awards and mainly because of the host they sort of get on my nerves but non-the-less I will be watching…sort of. I have not seen who is going to be performing but I do know that Samuel L. Jackson will be hosting (hey my dad went to school with that guy!) and he is sure to get on my nerves as the past host have lol.

True blood on the other hand should please tonight as I looked at the past two episodes as “fillers” to a really good episode. I guess we will see. I know that Tera is actually talking now so we will see how she reacts to becoming a vampire (which would be so cool, well to me anyways). I am also wanting to see what sooki is going to do this episode. She feels so bad about having to turn her BFF Tera but it was the only way for her to live…now forever. True blood is sure to please tonight! TBC…

Hello world…

1 Jul

Hello world!

My name is TJ Lovelady…I know that a unique last name but I love it! I have decided to create this blog because I really like to write in my spare time and I often have a lot to say. This blog will talk about everything from reality shows (which are my absolute fav!) to the latest technology news. I know, I know many other blogs kinda stick to a central theme but you know what, F that lol Im gonna do my own thing.

This blog will start out as a free blog and hopefully I can upgrade it to a paid blog and have a little more control over everything. I guess I will tell yall a little more about myself. I am an electrician which im not necessarily sure is my true calling yet. Of course I make a nice salary but sometimes I do not fell…i dunno….fulfilled in life with my chosen career. This is why I have been working on my Bachelors degree at the University of Phoenix. The University of Phoenix has an online campus where I complete my homework assignments and you probably will see some rants and raves as I finish my degree. As of right now I only have three…yes count them….3 classes left which I am totally stoked about.

When I am not in school or at work I like to play the Sims 3 for hours at a time. I probably will talk about that from time to time too as it is a large (well semi large) portion of my life. I also watch a host of reality shows that really do not add much to my life but sheer entertainment. I love these shows and will be doing update as I watch them. Other than that im just a normal kinda guy that loves to write and will use this blog as a place to let my feelings go.

Ohhh wait lets talk about the site name. I kinda chose something on the fly. Im not sure that I will keep “lifescopeblog” when I upgrade to a paid site but you all let me know what you think. Also if you happen to run across my page let me know some interesting things that I can talk about on here. I am thinking about changing the name to “freelunchroomblog”. I like the concept of a free lunch room where people can come and talk about pretty much any and everything. Anywayzzz….HEY WORLD!