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What is your motivating force?

27 Oct

I recently made a video on what I use as my motivating force.

For everybody it is somewhat different. Even if you share a motivating force with someone the reasoning behind it is somewhat different. In my video I talk about my mother. My mother has always been there for me know matter what. I have always been a good son because I saw how decent my mother was and I never wanted to do anything that would make her look or feel bad.

Now being an adult I look at things so much differently because I have to work and appreciate every dollar that I make from my job. I didn’t realize how much my mother had to actually sacrifice for me and my sister to be comfortable. I actually remember my mother going behind my dads back and buying me a pair of $120 Jordans because I wanted them. Of course I was a very good child and my grades was good but what does a 13 year old need with $120 sneakers? My mother had to make sacrifices in order to provide me with those things.

About a year ago my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer and it was an eye opener for our whole family to really appreciate life and the people that we have in it. Now my mother is in need of my help.

So I use her as my Motivating Force.

So I challenge you today to look inside your self and think about your business or something that is driving you to be who you are. What motives you to continue? If you cannot answer that question then chances are is that you will not be successful in that area.

With me my mother is my #1 motivating force.

I would like to be able to one day pay all of her hospital bills so that she will not have to worry about them any longer. This is what drives me to my success and this is why I would be successful in this business and any other business that I engage in!

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