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Love and Hip-hop Atlanta Season 1 Episode 5

18 Jul

So here we are again! This episode starts off with the fight ending between lil scrappy and Stevie j. Joseline and Erica finally sit down and try to hatch out their differences. The problem came when Joseline accused Erica of sleeping with Stevie j. Lets just say that this didn’t end well. Joseline ended up storming off because Erica is a bit rowdy. Erica has really grown on me because I feel her story is more realistic to me than some of the others.

Lil scrappy was mad at Erica because she “left him for dead” when he was suffering from a asthma attack. I kinda agree with Erica and Buckey Shay on this one because if they are not together then he should not expect her to stop what she is doing to check on him. Maybe they will get back together. Shay is making a trip back to tv land. I actually like shay even from flavor of love she seemed the most real. Mimi seems to be adding to the drama and actually seems like the ringleader if you will. It showed her dropping Stevie js stuff of at a house and them having a confrontation. It just seemed way too scripted to me.

Well this is all I have for now my lunch break is over but it’s been fun reliving the love and hip-hop Atlanta season 1 episode 5 again. I will start blogging about the bad girls club sometime this week and will be introducing a topic of the week soon also. I will try to post the topic of the week on Mondays and some subsequent post throughout the week. Also if you like my posts please hit the like button or share it on your Twitter or Google + page and tell your friends about it. I would also like to hear y’all feedback on how I can make these post better shoot me a comment in the comment section below!


Love and Hip Hop Atlanta Season 1 Episode 4

10 Jul

Its drama time again!! Stevie J and Joseline sure know how to put on a show. In this episode Joseline, or Shenellica Bettencourt as her stripper former name, and Stevie J are really heating things up. Joseline got an abortion but I really dont think that she was pregnant in the first place. I believe that was all a hoax for television and it makes for a great monday night. Next, MiMi is a bit too theatrical for me. I think that this show is really to plug the things that they are doing around town. I did however see the other day that Stevie J and Joseline was seen together.

I hope she was practicing her dance moves because the moves she had on the show was WACK! Now on to Lil Scrappy and his baby mama which name I cannot remember for the life of me Erica. In this segment we see Mama D and Lil Scrappy talking about how Stevie J called Erica a bitch. I think their story line seems to be the realest on the entire screen. Until I see Buckey from flavor of love . Where did Buckey come from? What rock has she been hiding under and why is she trying to come back to the scene.

Ok as we speak the confrontation is happening between Erica, Lil Scrappy, Joseline, and Stevie J. They are adding soo much dramam claiming that Erica slept with Stevie J earlier in life. Now Stevie J and Lil Scrappy is fighting straight Atlanta style. This is the reality TV that we have been waiting for. Joseline is really ride or die for her man like that girl said in an earlier episode! Joseline was falling on the ground and throwing punches and Erica was yelling and screaming “Let me GO!” I can see now that Joseline and Stevie J are going to be the root of all the drama on the show.

When the girls meet up and Erica is pretty funny. She reminds me  of my best friend which is from Atlanta… The last scene was of Joseline and Stevie J talking and Joseline is acting like MiMi now as Stevie J’s main chick. This show packs a lot of drama but you know what I will look at it as my guilty pleasure!

So did you see the show? Lets talk about it, add a comment to the comment section below! Until next time!


True Blood Season 5 Episode 5…kinda

9 Jul

Hi folks! Its time for my true blood season 5 episode 5 blog post! I have been watching true blood since the beginning and they sure know how to capture an audience. I will be blogging this real time so excuse me if I jump from one thing to the next…andddd lets go! Lafayette is trippin for real. He saw that demon he got from Jesus in the mirror and then went all stupid. Oh yea here we go with this Iraq story line again. I guess it will play out later on in the season. We then see a flash back of Sookie and Jason  and their mom and dad but typical true blood style intervened and we saw some blood spewing out of dads neck.

I guess that is Jasons fear watching someone he loves being killed by vampires. Andy sure has been butt naked alot this season I guess they have to let everybody get a shot at being naked. Bill and Eric put a stop to that Sookie/Alceed bang session. But I think Sookie is going coo-coo lol. Now we are back to the strip club Fangtasia. Terra and Pam is here and Terra has a fresh hairdo which actually works for her. I got so tired of her F’ed up hair season 1-4 now its time for her to be all glammed up. We find out here that a female from the authority is actually the one who released Russel. True Blood is making it seem like it was Nora but I believe that it is someone else. I finally figured out what was going on with this Iraq story line. Terra and Jessica is going to be in an epic battle over hoyte. Ok Ok I have to pause this blog for a sec…so I was just getting into the episode and It just stopped.

This episode just stopped in its tracks about 10 minutes early tonight and they showed a sneak preview of next weeks episode with some commentary from the cast. I hope they do not make a habit of this because 10 minutes is a long time to cut from each episode. I did like the commentary but it seems like I was left lacking and was a bit disappointed…Oh well I guess we will have to wait until next week so see what happends! Thanks for reading guys and gals…So what did you think about the episode ending so early? Send me a comment below!



Summer Heat!

7 Jul

So as many of you know summer is here…Summer to me is a steaming pit of hell a wonderful time to get to spend time with your family. While I would like to spend hours upon hours outside it is just entirely too hot for me to go out. I tell my friends all the time that I am allergic to the sun…which I very well might be. Lets look at the symptoms:

  • When I go outside I immediately run to my car shut the door and crank the air on high cool
  • I on crack my window for a second and that is only when I have to hand my money to a cashier in the drive thru
  • When I get to my destination I sit in the car to suck up all the cold air collect my thoughts
  • Once I finally get to my house I run in, take a shower, and crash down as if I had given a pint of blood

And this to me proves that I am allergic to the sun. Over the course of two weeks we have had consistent record highs which went as high as 110! It was so hot outside that it felt like a sauna (minus the hot guys and gals with nothing but white towels on lol). I told myself that I would no longer expose myself to this extreme hell weather. I have turned a new leaf and I vow to stay in doors until the UV rays are down…after today.

Today I am going to do a bit of shopping and that will require me to actually go outside….damn. When I get back home I will report on my findings should I have any but in the mean time Im gonna enjoy the coolness of my house for a little while. So what do yall think about this heat wave?


Power Outages on the Fourth of July

4 Jul

First off I would like to say Happy Independence day (Fourth of July) all! But not back to the issue at hand…on my glorious day off I was a little late reading my morning news. I ran across a story that was talking about disgruntled customers that had lost their electricity during the storms and heat wave last week and I had to chime in…

Storms have always been a devastating event to me and historically. Last year we had a storm here in Chattanooga and it knocked my power out for a week and a half. The year before that we had a killer snow storm and my power was out for nearly two weeks. No my next statement may make you feel some type of way but I will explain my reasoning….STOP BLAMING THE ELECTRIC POWER COMPANY WORKERS!

I do feel sorry for the people that have to go days without power but like me you should just suck it up. I am an electrician and I know what it is like to repair power lines and install power pole. It is a very meticulous process that is extremely dangerous. I think that many people do not realize this when they go on their rants about the workers and should focus more on the power companies themselves. During our power outages I had to work 20 hour days to help our local power company (EPB) to restore power to all of these neighborhoods mean while I didn’t have any power at my house.

All I am trying to do is give and insight to the inside. I know how hard the workers work to restore power and it is not just as easy as flipping a switch to turn the power on. These men and women risk their lives to restore the power that you hold so dear to your heart but you rarely hear about those men and women being recognized. I understand that the paycheck at the end of the week is their prize but I received a lot of backlash during this time because I was working for EPB to restore power.

I think that people that are without power should do what I did…take this time to enjoy the simple things in life…your family and friends. Sit down and read that book you have been wanting to read. Take a trip to go see that friend or family member that you have been wanting to see. The more time you spend doing things will equal to less time worrying and wasting this precious time we have on earth.

Have a fun a safe holiday folks.


Love and Hip Hop Season 1 Episode 3

3 Jul

Love and Hip Hop had its usual theatrics as expected. The episode started off with Joslyn telling Stevie J that she was pregnant by him. The problem that I have with all of this is that when they started this show like 3 weeks ago Stevie J’s girlfriend/babymama didn’t know anything about Joslyn. Also when the story line with Stevie J and Joslyn come onto the screen it seems very scripted. What I mean that all of it seems to be written or preplanned. Now I know what you all are thinking…its a reality show its not really reality. But I must beg to differ when I started watching reality shows I used it as an escape to another place where I can live my life vicariously through the characters. This show just seems so damn scripted it makes me angry!

The next part was about Lil Scrappy and his babymamma. Normally the parts with her in it seem a bit more personal and real. But on this episode the flowers and candles seemed…set up…i guess. There was another part where Stevie J called her a bitch and she is going to tell Scrappy so we will see how that unfolds.

The last thing I want to talk about is K Michelle. Who is she? I have personally never heard of her but others around me have. What songs do she sing? She sang a ballad which to me sounded like a old church hymn…just sayin. But she does have some pipes on her.

So what did yall think about the episode? Let me know in the comments below!


True Blood Season 5, Episode 4

2 Jul

Finally the time has come the new episode of True Blood has come and gone. The episode started off with Pam saving Tera. It seems as though Tera wants to punch out early so Pam as her maker dives in and save her. After Pam commands her to stop burning herself she convinces Tera to get with it. Sooki seems to find herself in a position with everyone because she seems to be the root cause of everything that goes wrong…which she kinda is.  The Authority is making a way into the scene in a very bnig way but to me it all seems way to theatrical. I am intreged to see what is going to pan out from this story line with the authority.

Sooki also is trying to confess to everyone to make things right. What she doesnt know is that Alceed and Jessica gots her back lol. Tera is turning out to be a Sooki hater. I know that she is sort of bitter but damn! Eric is being mean to Pam  for some reason that I do not understand. She finally tells him to release her if he doesnt care for her….thats right girl! Tell him! Bill is showing his season 1 side a bit with Tera as he gives her some true blood and comforting words.

As for Lafyette…what did he do to her car? That to me was pretty random but I guess they did that to show off his new power. Alceed told Debbies parents a lie to ease their hearts and to save Sooki’s hindend. Now about this Iraq story line its a it much for me. I like true blood because the supernatural aspect of it. The Iraq storyline kinda bores me. But eh maybe it will all come together.

In an emotional commentary Eric actually does release Pam but that frees her to take on the role of Tera maker. Tera and Pam actually bond for the first time as Maker and makee?? A new story line opens up as the fairies make their way back into the picture. This is where Jason finds out some disturbing news about his past from his big mouth cousin.

Back to the authority…they finally find out who the mole is and they experience the true death so it does exist and its AWESOME! The show ends with Eric and Bill watching Sooki and Alceed rolling around in the sheets. Also with the fairies shining their light thingys at Jason…

All in all it was a good episode. It served its purpose to get me to watch again next week which I would have done even if it sucked. Ill be doing these every week so if your into true blood follow my blog post!